How to Rip from CD and DVD

Ever wondered how you can get the songs from your favourite CD onto your PC? ConverterLite offers a simple yet effective CD and DVD Ripper for Windows.

But what is CD/DVD Ripping? Ripping is the process of copying audio or video from a CD or DVD to your PC. Ripping is often used to shift formats, and to edit, duplicate or back up media content. A rip is basically copied content, in its destination format, along with accompanying files.

The process is very easy to do and it only takes a few steps.




A step-by-step guide on how to RIP from CD and DVD with Converterlite.

Follow the instructions below:

1) Insert CD or DVD and open ConverterLite

2) Choose input method CD/DVD

3)  A window will appear. (This is where you can choose which media you want to RIP.) Select media.

4) Click OK.

5) Await finish