Getting started with ConverterLite

ConverterLite is a free audio and video conversion utility. Our main focus is to provide a unique and simple design to make converting files effortless.

How to install converterlite:

1) Find us on and click on the download link on the home page. Then click save to begin the download.
2) Once download is complete select the download link and click “Run” to begin installation.

3) Follow on-screen instructions to proceed to installation

4) During installation you will be offered a Babylon toolbar. Either click “Install now” or “cancel” to continue installation.

5) Once completed, Converterlite should launch and be ready to use. If at any stage you had any problems please leave a message at and we will respond as soon as possible. Thank you.


How to use Converterlite:

You can Convert audio and video files from your computer or a CD within 3 stages. Either watch our video tutorial or follow instructions below.

ADD: Select from either “Audio, “Video” or “CD” and select the file(s) you wish to convert.

You can also click and drag single or multiple files directly from your folder into Converterlite.

When you have chosen your file(s) click next.

FORMAT: Your file(s) should be displayed on the right with details on duaration and file type.

Displayed on the left are all the output options grouped by “device” or “format”.

  • Selecting “device” will give you a further option to choose which make and model you have.
  • Selecting “format” will give you an option as to the quality of the file(s).

The converted file(s) will be directed to the same folder as the orignal version however you can choose where to store the converted file(s) by clicking settings, unchecking the output file box and selecting your desired folder.

Click next to proceed to the convert stage.

CONVERT: Click convert and once completed you can open up the file location by clicking on the green tick symbol on the right.

Thank you for using Convertlite. If you have any problems or further questions please message us via our comments section, Google plus page or Youtube page. Be sure to check our support page beforehand.