DRM Protected files

Digital Rights Management is a term that refers to the restriction of free use and transferring of Digital content most commonly being audio and video files. It involves a number of techniques used to control access to copyrighted material using technological means. The aim is to stop people from illegally uploading and downloading files across the internet that render copyright laws obsolete.

There is no legal way of circumventing this protection and we cannot condone illegal use of such files. Therefore converterlite does not support the conversion of DRM protected audio and video files due to the circumventing of any encryption breaks a law known as DMCA.

How do you know if you have DRM protected files?

 From folder:

Open up the folder containing your files and right click on any detail heading which will display a drop down menu listing “Protected” as an option.


And then…..

From File:

Right click on any media file and select “Properties”.

Click the Details tab and scroll down toward the bottom. There will be a “Protected” field that will say Yes or No.