Convert WAV to M4A

How to convert WAV to M4A using Converterlite. Converting WAV to M4A is a popular search demand so we have identified below how to convert your WAV files using our free and simple software.

What is a WAV file?

A WAV File is the standard audio format for storing music, sound bits, noises, and other such items on your computer. In fact all those sound effects when your computer shuts down, starts up, or gets an email are .WAV files. Wav files are rather large uncompressed high clarity audio files.

What is an M4A file?

An MPEG-4 container format for audio files. The audio data within the container file can be encoded with virtually any audio-encoding mechanism, but most commonly the .m4a refers to an audio file stored within MPEG-4 container and encoded with AAC audio format.

Follow the tutorial below for instructions:




Begin by selecting the Audio Icon.

After clicking audio/video you will be able to find all accepted formats including WAV files. Select the file(s)  and click open. Click next to proceed.
Alternatively you can click and drag them directly from your folder into converterlite.

Multiple files:

  • Hold ctrl key while selecting desired files and click open.
  • Highlight and drag multiple files into convertelite.

Renaming files:

Click on the title before converting to rename the output file


The format section is made up of “Devices” and “Formats”. Look through the list of Format types and select M4A. Then choose a quality type and click next.

Where do converted files go?

Audio/Video: Same folder as input/original file

Choosing destination folder:
After selecting a device or format you will see a settings icon below the quality/model options. Click settings and uncheck the box titled, “Output file to same folder as input”. Then you can manually choose the location of the output file.

Click convert and await finish.
Once completed you can open up the converted files folder by selecting the green tick symbol by the name of the converted file.
Click “Clear completed” to refresh to the ADD page.