How to rip and convert a DVD

A step-by-step guide to ripping and converting a DVD with Converterlite.

Watch the tutorial video or follow the instructions below on how to rip and convert a DVD:

1) Insert DVD

2) Open up Converterlite and Click DVD icon

3) Select which titles to convert and click OK.

Note – Converterlite automatically selects the longest title as this usually tends to be the Movie. Other titles will often be the extras.


– You can rename the titles by clicking on the title name after ripping.

– Ripping time depends largely on your hard drive and title length. E.G The above title of “01:28:53 should take around 20-25 minutes.

– Ripped files can only save to your computer once converted. After conversion you will find them in “my movies” unless you choose otherwise.


4) Proceed to Format page and choose an ouput device/format followed by a quality type/model.

Note: Before selecting a model/quality you can click the settings icon and choose the output folder by unchecking the box, “output file to same folder as input”.


5) Proceed to Convert page and click convert.

Note: Conversion speed also varies depending on your hard drive and title length.


6) When Conversion is completed a green tick symbol should appear. Clicking it will open up the containing folder.