ConverterLite is a free audio and video conversion utility. Our main focus is to provide a unique and simple design to make converting files effortless. If you have any issues or questions please check our support page, contact our support forum or comment below. If you need to send us a file, log or output then follow this link and click “Contact us”:

How to use Converterlite:

You can Convert audio and video files from your computer or a disc within 3 stages.


Begin by selecting one of the four Icons.


When clicking audio/video you will be able to locate all accepted formats in their folders. Select the file(s)  and click open. Click next to proceed.
Alternatively you can click and drag them straight from the folder into converterlite.

Multiple files:

  • Hold ctrl key and select desired files and click open.
  • Highlight and drag multiple files into convertelite.


Insert CD/DVD and click the CD/DVD icon.
Select the tracks/titles you wish to rip to converterlite and select OK.
(Note – When ripping a DVD converterlite will firstly only select the longest title as this is commonly the main movie. Additional titles are video files from the DVD extras).

Renaming files:

Click on the title before converting to rename the output file.


In the format menu you can choose the output file via “Device” or “Format”.

Device: Choose a brand and select a model. Then click next.
Format: Choose an output format and select the quality. Then click next.

Where do converted files go?

Same folder as input/original file.

Choosing destination folder:

After selecting a device or format you will see a settings icon below the quality/model options. Click settings and uncheck the box titled, “Output file to same folder as input”. Then you can manually choose the location of the output file.

DVD format:

If you wish to burn to DVD then follow this link:

If you wish to convert to a DVD compatible format then select mpeg-2 as your output format.


Click convert and await finish.
Once completed you can open up the converted files folder by selecting the green tick symbol by the name of the converted file.
Click “Clear completed” to refresh to the ADD page.