ConverterLite is a free audio and video conversion utility. Our main focus is to provide a unique and simple design to make converting files effortless. If you have any issues or questions please check our support page, contact our support forum or comment below. If you need to send us a file, log or output then follow this link and click “Contact us”:

How to use Converterlite:

You can Convert audio and video files from your computer or a disc within 3 stages.


Begin by selecting one of the four Icons.


When clicking audio/video you will be able to locate all accepted formats in their folders. Select the file(s)  and click open. Click next to proceed.
Alternatively you can click and drag them straight from the folder into converterlite.

Multiple files:

  • Hold ctrl key and select desired files and click open.
  • Highlight and drag multiple files into convertelite.


Insert CD/DVD and click the CD/DVD icon.
Select the tracks/titles you wish to rip to converterlite and select OK.
(Note – When ripping a DVD converterlite will firstly only select the longest title as this is commonly the main movie. Additional titles are video files from the DVD extras).

Renaming files:

Click on the title before converting to rename the output file.


In the format menu you can choose the output file via “Device” or “Format”.

Device: Choose a brand and select a model. Then click next.
Format: Choose an output format and select the quality. Then click next.

Where do converted files go?

Same folder as input/original file.

Choosing destination folder:

After selecting a device or format you will see a settings icon below the quality/model options. Click settings and uncheck the box titled, “Output file to same folder as input”. Then you can manually choose the location of the output file.

DVD format:

If you wish to burn to DVD then follow this link:

If you wish to convert to a DVD compatible format then select mpeg-2 as your output format.


Click convert and await finish.
Once completed you can open up the converted files folder by selecting the green tick symbol by the name of the converted file.
Click “Clear completed” to refresh to the ADD page.

  • R mighty

     what is the bit rate of the audio of a avi convertered to an mp4 when using converter lite

    • ConverterLite

      With most output formats the Bit rate should be the same as original. After converting you can right click the file and select properties to view bit rate.

      • Sue-e1963

        i have just downloaded your software and  am still un sure  if  i can  convert a movie on a  CD to  DVD .

        • ConverterLite

          Are they just files on a CD, an SVCD or VCD?

  • Guy61354

    want to convert flv to mpeg but when I click on the “convert” box it gives me a dialog box that asks me to “Select a burn drive”.  Ver 1.3.0

    • ConverterLite

       Converterlite will only ask you to select a burn drive if you have selected DVD as an output format. Be sure to choose Mpeg-2 and its quality before converting.

  • Stammen01

    I tried to convert a .aa file from to mp3 and converter lite said the FFmpeg program couldn’t read it. Any suggestions?

    • ConverterLite

      Our ffmpeg does support .aa files but unfortunately cannot convert them as they are DRM protected.

  • Real Talk

    Can’t convert cda to mp3, any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help.

    • ConverterLite

       CDA files are not technically an audio file. They are merely a Windows representation of an audio CD track. Do you no have the original CD? If yes, use our CD ripping feature and you will be able to convert to MP3 no problem.

  • JosiahJoe

    I converted a wma file to mp3 but it made it’s duration 00.00 what am I doing wrong

    • ConverterLite

       Have you checked to see if your file is DRM protected?

  • Delly_1

    I would like to convert my WAV file to an XML file, but theres no option to do so. Please help!!

    • ConverterLite

       ConverterLite does not support conversion to XML. We have no plans to implement it as an output format in future versions either. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  • PhilB

    I have justed downloaded and started using your software and it is very useful, however after converting from a CD the disc will not eject normally and I have to re boot the computer to eject it. 

    • ConverterLite

       How are you closing Converterlite? Can you eject while the application is still open?

  • Jared

    I am trying to convert a Windows Media Player into an MP4 and it finished and says “invalid frame size”. Then if I try again it has an error report and won’t convert. Help! 

    • ConverterLite

      Windows media audio or video file? When are you getting the message “invalid frame size”? After conversion reaches 100% ?

  • Tr3vski

    this softwares cool if it works,just converting from mp4 to avi right now so we`ll see.

  • By2doit

    Is there a way to set which file records first, and bypass the largest file first option?

    • ConverterLite

      Do you mean with DVD ripping or Burning?

  • Debbie McMillen

    When I am ripping straight from a DVD, it only has one file to select and it is one that shows that it’s 90 minutes in length for example. When I select this file after it has been downloaded, the words are spoken in French or Spanish. There isn’t an option to select English as there is no Menu option on this file. What am I doing wrong? After it is downloaded I am NOT converting the file to any other format. Do I need to do that for it to be in English?

    • ConverterLite

       Unfortunately ConveterLite only selects the default audio track and we currently have no plans to work on this issue as it is of minor occurence.

      • Debbie McMillen

        Thanks. I will uninstall it.

  • Jim

    How do I convert an MP3 file to a traditional CD that will work in all standard CD players?

  • Malcolm Vickers2

    when  trying to convert a video to dvd the drive select comes on and when  i select the burn drive it attempts to burn before converting everytime and reads burn failed

    • ConverterLite

      This should be impossible. Could you send us the file? Via our support forum perhaps? So far we believe it has something to do with your file being corrupt or protected. We will look into this.

  • Jokskot

    I’m trying to convert mkv files to avi to play on my Sony DVP-SR750hH. What parameters should I choose for output file so that it will be playable?

    • ConverterLite

      Avi: DVD pal/NTSC should support your file fine

  • Art

    How do I convert MKV with subtitles to MP4?

    • ConverterLite

       Unfortunately this is not a supporting feature of ConverterLite

  • Hnry11

    I converted a flv to an mp4 which worked ok except it didn’t seem to copy the sound.

    • ConverterLite

       Firstly can you check the file properties to see if your file is protected?

  • StarGirl23

    For some reason, I’m having trouble converting certain videos to 3gp…  something about incorrect parameters… what do I do about it?

    • ConverterLite

       You could send us your file through our support forum and we can investigate further or you could try adding a space to the end of the ffmpeg arguments in the settings, followed by “-ar 44100″

  • Jessica

    When I recorded onto a DVD, the episodes were backwards… (the first one was last to play, the last one was first to play) how do I switch these so they play in order?

    • ConverterLite

       Are you adding the files into converterLite in the right order before conversion and burning? We burn files onto DVD using the same order as the ConverterLite media list. If this isn’t the reason then we shall look into your problem with more detail.

      • ConverterLite

         This issue has now been fixed and will be implemented with version 1.4.0 which will be available sometime this week.

  • Erik Bays

    tried to convert SWF to AVI but it only converted the audio.  There was no video in the output file.

    • Erik Bays

      Same thing when trying to convert to WMV.  This program does not seem to work.  I am abandoning it.

      • ConverterLite

        The issue with many SWF files is that they don’t actually contain video information. They contain animation on a loop which is different. This is why you are only recieving the audio. If you like you can send us the file in our support forum and we can investigate further.

  • Kaye

     I want to convert to wav file and it doesn’ give me that choice.  What do I do?

    • ConverterLite

       Be sure to use the Arrows to scroll through the different Devices/Formats and Models/Quality options.

  • Jhouk

    I am trying to convert a  .mov file to’ mp4 format. All the convert does is to create a .mp4 file with nothing in the file. I want to cinvert to mp4 in order to upload to a Kindle Fire.

    • ConverterLite

      Do you know if the file is corrupt or protected?

      • Tracy Cogsdill

        I’m having the same problem over here (mkv to avi) and the original file is neither corrupt nor protected.

    • Steve

      Same problem here

    • Len Philp

      I have the same problem converting .mov to .mp4 File uncorrupted. I also tried running as admin with no joy. I am using Vista ultimate op system. 

      • ConverterLite

        Would you be able to send us a log? Use our support page to learn how
        and where to send a log. Also are you sure your original mov file plays
        ok on the computer?

    • ConverterLite

       Would you be able to send us a log? Use our support page to learn how and where to send a log. Also are you sure your original mov file plays ok on the computer?

  • Larry

    I converted one of my movie files successfully, so I tried to  convert all of them at one time ( 236 files) and after the conversion completed, it went to “author dvd”  and then it said “burn failed” Why didn’t it work?

    Also, I couldn’t find the converted “temp” files, it said the folder was empty. Why?

    Please advise how to fix this.

    • ConverterLite

       Can you confirm if you are trying to burn 236 movie files to DVD?
      Did all 236 files have a grren tick next to them after conversion?
      If you close ConverterLite, all temp files will be erased.

      • Larry

        Yes, I was trying to burn 236 movie files to DVD. And yes, all the files had a green tick next to them just before trying to burn. It took about 3 hours to convert them. Then it said “authoring dvd”  and was about 20% done with that when I left the room, came back and it said “burn failed”. 

        • ConverterLite

          Try again with a single file and see if you have the same problem. Unfortunately with blank dvd media, burning
          occasionally fails and there is little way to prevent this.

  • Aj

    i want to convert avi to wmv but when i press “Convert” button… its not converting
    Plss help!

    • ConverterLite

       Is it a copied DVD or a Commercial DVD?

  • Saundersemma

    Am trying to convert a dvd with 24 episodes but is only showing the first 2.  Any idea why?

    • ConverterLite

      We are looking into this issue now. Are you sure there are 24 episodes on this single DVD because usually DVD’s contain about 4 episodes. Are you sure the DVD is not corrupt in any way?

  • Jeachief66

    How do you convert a FLV file to MP4 with two channel audio (aac)?

    • ConverterLite

      How many channels does your input file have? We convert to the same as original. You can alter this manually however via the ffmpeg arguments when clicking settings after selecting a quality/model. At the end of the argument add a space followed by “-ac 2″

  • Andy

    I need to convert my .mov files from my DSLR to MPG for Adobe Premier to make the video smooth for real time. I downloaded your program but cannot find MPG. Please help 

    • ConverterLite

      Be sure to use the arrows to scroll through the different formats/devices and models/quality options.

  • Mook

     I need to convert from a 16 bit / 44.1 khz  .wav  to a  16 bit / 32 khz .wav   Can this program do that ?
     Thanks :)

    • ConverterLite

      Yes although you will have to do it manually. When choosing wav as an ouput format and selecting a quality, click settings and you will need to alter the ffmpeg argument. Where you see “-ar” you can alter the audio rate to 32khz by changing it to “-ar 32k”.

  • Ronbum

    I have itunes files on my computer (m4p files). I am trying to convert them to files I can use on my Galaxy s II. I go through the steps and all I get is mpeg files my S II does not recognize. What am I doing wrong?
    Ron B

    • ConverterLite

      That sounds like a protected file. We cannot convert protected files. Can you play the file with VLC?

  • Fcoleman76

    All it says when I try to move file from my pc to the product that its not on the media list, what does that mean?

  • Fcoleman76

    It keeps saying this file has no been added to themedia list then it shuts down

    • ConverterLite

      What file format are you trying to add?

  • Schonhoff50

    When I click OK in the select burn drive window I receive the warning ” the disc in the selected drive is not blank”  The disc IS blank with 4.37 GB of free space. ????

    • ConverterLite

      We are not too sure why this is occuring as we are unable to reproduce the problem. That’s why we have included a log.txt file in the temp folder with version 1.4.0  so when you recieve the error you can send us the log.txt file and we can understand the error. The new version should be available sometime this week.

  • Perlki

    trying to convert from avi to mp4 . following prompts.  once i hit convert button a cancel button comes up and nothing seems to happen

    • ConverterLite

      What format are you converting to and from?

      • Phredom

        Is ”Perlki” expecting to see the conversion process begin the instant Convert is pressed?  The Cancel button appears at once but it takes a minute or so for the program to set things up and then the indicator bar and % read-out go active as the conversion process begins.

        • ConverterLite

          Good Answer.

  • Sector150

    Tring to convert mp3 to wav.  All I get is Invalid Request.  Why?  Followed simple instructions.

    • ConverterLite

       This sounds like a problem with the bit-rate. Go to the ffmpeg arguments when selecting a quality and going into settings. Then add a space to the end of the argument followed by “-ar 192k”. If this doesn’t work then send us the file over the support forum and we will reproduce the problem here.

  • Sector150

    Sorry,  that is Invalid Argument.  Orange triangle with exclamation mark.

    • ConverterLite

       There are 3 reasons why this may occur:

      1) DRM protected (See: Converting DRM files)
      Also learn more on DRM protection and how to check if your file is DRM
      protected here:

      2) File is corrupt

      3) ffmpeg does not support the file format

  • BG

    After ripping a DVD onto my computer, then downloading it onto my MP4, I get the message “File Format Error”.  What should I have done differently?

    • ConverterLite

      Are you using ConverterLite to rip the DVD?
      Are you selecting MP4 as an output?
      What quality are you selecting?

  • Stephenmalvinwatkins

    Dont download this – its crap!

    They claimed it could convert M4B to mp3 – and they lied!

    I hope they suffer the karmic consequencies very soon – and I’d like to add my own curse on to their heads. Idiots.

    • ConverterLite

       The problem with M4B files is they are commonly protected audiobooks. ConverterLite can not convert protected files unfortunately.

  • Jameston80

    I converted an avi file to mp2 to burn it to dvd, when its done converting and it gives me the option to what output device i choose my dvd burner, then i get …The disc in the selected drive is not blank, or there is not large enough??? the time on the file says 2:11:35 is that too big? and if so, is there something else i can do, it’s a movie file, that i want to burn on dvd to play on dvd players. Please help, thanks

    • ConverterLite

       Is your DVD a Single layer or Duel layer DVD? Single layer DVD’s can only hold 2 hours.

  • Nazdon

    Hi there, I’ve managed to burn some  .m4v files to DVD. But I want to know how to separate these files, ie.. have a table of contents or menu to allow each of the video files to be played separately. At the moment the software is just merging/blending all my video files together…

    • ConverterLite

       Our Burning to DVD software simply places the clips in chapters. You will need to pay for seperate software to perform such things.

  • Grrrrr

    All i’ve done is wasted a couple of hours converting from MP4 and all i get is an audio file. Bye bye

    • ConverterLite

      What file fromat are you converting to? And what quality?
      Are you sure your file is not protected?

  • Joyce

    I am trying to convert wma files into mp3 audio books it sounds like chipmunks…also it only does 20 seconds

    • ConverterLite

      This usually happens when the file you are trying to convert is protected. We cannot convert protected files. If it isn’t protected then we will probe further.

  • Richmcan

    What does “unsupported number of input channels” mean and why won’t it convert those songs?

    • ConverterLite

       Will you be able to send us one of these songs over the support forum so we can reproduce the problem and see how to avoid the error? It sounds like a common issue with the ffmpeg. This week we will be updating to version 1.4.0 which will include a log.txt file to detail the conversion and where the problem lies.

      • Joe Rubleske

        Yep, this is the problem I get when I try to convert a .m4p file to .mp3. Is this due to the built-in restrictions/protections on the file? I *hate* iTunes for doing this, i.e., limiting the number of devices I can listen to songs on — hence my need for your software. I switched long ago to other resellers, but I still have a bunch of .m4p’s to convert.

        • ConverterLite

          When you choose MP3 and choose a quality try clicking settings, going to
          the end of the ffmpeg arguments, adding a space and adding “-ac 2″ to
          the end.

  • Zep2002

    Why did I update?  All was fine until I installed the latest ‘update’. Now instead of simply saving my converted files to my chosen destination, it asks me to choose my DVD drive for automatic burning??  I don’t want to burn a DVD! I simply want to convert the file!  It asks me to chose my destination folder. I do. And then when I press CONVERT, it makes me choose a dvdv burner drive??  WTF???  So there is no conversion unless I have a DVD ready to go. RIDICULOUS!

    • ConverterLite

       We are trying to broaden ConverterLites capabilities with our own DVD burning feature. The process involves converting to mpeg-2 and then burning to selected DVD. Therefore you can just choose mpeg-2 as an output format without having to burn.

      • Zep2002

         Thanks for your quick reply. Sorry for the angry post but I was very surprised at what was happening. The file wouldn’t even save to my file folder of choice like it used to. It immediately goes to the dvd drive of ‘it’s’ choice, as if possessed, lol.  It’s a fine feature, don’t get me wrong but there is no room for chapter or menu setups, which makes the entire process moot and a waste of dvd-r’s as well.

         ~~ Thanks for the tip on mpeg-2, etc. Will give it a try.

        ~~  But seriously folks, it would be great for people who want to save files for later dvd burning, can simply use the “ConverterLite” program as intended..y’know? For conversion?  We shouldnt be forced into anythjing else, dvd burning included.

        • ConverterLite

          Our conversion software converts files to DVD format so you can play the files on a DVD. Surely having DVD burning is a useful feature? Especially considering our software is free?
          To convert to DVD format you simply need to convert to Mpeg-2 or copy the ffmpeg argumets of the DVD output you are selecting and replace the mpeg-2 argument with the DVD argument.

      • Zep2002

        I need to create menus and chapters. I use DVD-FlICK for burning. I want to use Converter-Lite for converting files into DVD format to be able to play on ANY standard DVD player. It’s that simple. After all, the name of your program is “Converter”Lite is it not?  If you can advise me on any better DVD burning software, I am listening.

  • judy

    I converted a wmv to mp3. Now, how do  get it to my phone? As a ringtone?

    • ConverterLite

      That depends on what phone you use. Most phones allow you to connect to the computer via USB and you can open up a folder to view your phone files on the computer. Then you simply add the converted MP3 to your phones music folder and then set it as a ringtone from your phone.
      This link may also be of some help:–make-a-ringtone-from-any-mp3

  • Cento2003

    how do i put my video dvd into my computer ?

    • ConverterLite This link should help you with your problem

  • lofty85

    im after converting ogm files into avi however when opening the folder where the files are i cant find them i know this is because the search options dont include ogm is there any way to resolve this  issue please i am a new user of this software and i am a begginer at these things any help would be appreciated

    • ConverterLite

      You can rename the file to a OGV file, or manually type in the filename when in the correct folder.

  • dadsmusic

    I am looking to convert a video file into an audio file meaning I just want the commentary from the video is this possible using convertlite? Thx

    • ConverterLite

      In a word? Yes! So long as your video file is not protected.

  • portsmouth1

    How do I convert an mp4 video download so I can use as a normal DVD in my surround sound system?

    • ConverterLite

      Select DVD as an ouput format and insert a blank DVD to burn to. Or Convert to mpeg-2 and burn it yourself.

  • Alan W

    When I convert the file I saved off my iPhone, some of the videos are 90 degrees off upon conversion so you have to watch sideways…is there a way to prevent / fix this?

    • ConverterLite

      This isn’t anything to do with conversion. Check you input file before conversion. Just download virtualDub and use the “rotate” filter. You can then export it as an avi.

  • bigrskip

    lg 800g format does anyone know which to use i tried them all and phone alwas says not supported

    • ConverterLite

       3GP . H.263 . MIDI . MP3 . MP4 should be supported

      • ConverterLite

        We do not seem to support LG 800g phones. Try Any video converter with these settings

        - Video Type .3gp
        - Video Resolution 174×144
        - Video Codex h263
        -Frame rate 30

        Audio Codex – Amr_nb
        Rest is default settings

    • ConverterLite

      3GP . H.263 . MIDI . MP3 . MP4 should be supported

      • bigrskip

        so the file name is there when i use the 3gp formats(all) but again when I open it still says not supported  exiting

  • thewindowguy1

    when i insert dvd and select dvd it shows nothing in file? therefore i cannot rip i love this converter though please help

    • ConverterLite

       1. Open the command prompt (in Vista/Win7, click start and type cmd.exe. In XP click Start->Run, then type cmd.exe)

      2. In the terminal that appears, navigate to the converterlite directory (for default directories):
      Vista/Win 7: cd C:Program Files (x86)ConverterLite
      XP: cd C:Program FilesConverterLite

      3. Type the following command:
      mplayer -vo null -ao null -frames 0 -identify dvd://
      4. Send us the output

      • thewindowguy1

        not recognized as an int. or ext. command operable program or batch file

        • ConverterLite

          What version of ConverterLite are you using? Are you in the correct
          directory (C:Program FilesConverterLite (x86)? If you are then you could try and reinstall ConverterLite, as maybe the myplayer.exe file didn’t get copied across.

          • thewindowguy1

            ok heres where i have to admit im an idiot lol i dont think i did this correctly i open command prompt and in that window it says C:Program Files… where i was confused is when u said navigate to converter lite …. how do i navigate to converterlite directory?

          • ConverterLite

            It depends on which operating system you are using.

            If you are using windows 7 or Vista – In the command prompt type: “CD c:program files (ex86)ConverterLite.

            Or if you are using windows XP type:
            “Cd c:program filesConverterLite.

            Then hit enter.

          • thewindowguy1

            i am running 64 bit but tried it both ways and both say system cannot find path specified

          • ConverterLite

            With a 64 bit machine you need to type:
            cd “C:Program Files (x86)ConverterLite”
            In the command prompt and hit enter.

            If this does not work then you installed to the wrong directory. Right click on the Converterlite shortcut and go to properties. Then check the target location. It should look something like this:
            “C:Program Files (x86)ConverterLiteconverterlite.exe”

            If it says this: You have done something wrong that we cannot determine unfortunately.
            If it doesn’t, then you need to reinstall to the default directory.

          • thewindowguy1

            ok one last attempt i went to properties and it is as its supposed to be the funny thing is it rips cd with no problems just wont rip dvd
            Subject: [converterlite] Re: Manual

      • two4go

        im having the same prblem and have followed your advice. haw do i send you the output

  • lensee

    Converting MP4 t0 MP3 was straight forward with no problems. But when  played-back on  my DVD player there is significant ‘ghosting’ on either side of the center frames. Any advise please

    • ConverterLite

      We’re not entirely sure what you mean by your MP3 having ghosting issues. An MP3 is an audio file. What exactly is happening? Also why are you tryin to play an MP3 on a DVD?
      Have you tried playing your MP3 on your PC to see if the problem lies with the actual file?

  • keith Goldsbrough


    • ConverterLite

       This is not a feature of ConverterLite. Unless of course you are referring to our DVD burning or CD burning feature.

      • Alyson Curran

        Trying to convert DVDs for my kindle fire for my kids.  I’m not tech-savvy at all.  So there’s no way to put  an entire movie into one file and get it onto the kindle? 

        • ConverterLite

          An entire DVD movie is one file. Are you using our DVD ripper or are you converting the individual vob files by opening looking in the opening the contents of the DVD in “My Computer”? Because you should be using the DVD ripper. Select the DVD icon when opening ConverterLite and it will get the information from whichever dvd is in the computer and add it to your computer so you can convert it to the kindle format

  • CalebR

    I am trying to convert  swf files to AVI. When I drop the swf into the import window, it imports as an audio file. It is definitely a flash video file and I am confused why it is having an issue. What are my options?

  • CalebR

    I am trying to convert swf files to AVI. When I drag the swf files into the import window, they import as audio files. They are definitely video files and I am wondering why they are converting into and AVI that is only a stereo audio track. Kind of an odd problem. What are my options?

    • ConverterLite

       If your video file is a flash animation then it cannot be converted.

  • Chris

    How long does this take to convert a 1.26GB WMV format movie into a MP4 format?  It has been running for 50 minutes and still says 0%.

    • ConverterLite

      Would you be able to send us the log file to the following contact link?:

      Reproduce the problem, leave ConverterLite open and Go to:
      My computer
      Local disk (C:)
      Name of your account
      App data (May need to add “appdata” to the end of the adress bar)

  • Steve Cuellar

    Is there a way to convert the subtitles along with the file?

    • ConverterLite

      This is not a supporting feature, sorry.

  • Sean Morris

    Yea, windows files aren’t even an option…..would be useful since you do advertise it that way.  Would like to convert m4a to wav but you cannot.  There is no option for wav files, even if you use the arrows and scroll through.  Let me know when you have that fixed

  • Jared Barlow

    What is the difference between the Ipod Touch 4g format and the Apple TV format?

    • ConverterLite

       The only difference between the 2 is the resolution. Apple TV has a higher resolution.

  • Sonja Fitzgerald

    after converting from wma to mp3, the file does not play.  It is as though I have lost all content.

    • ConverterLite

      First make sure that your file is not protected. Check the properties.

  • LV62

    I’m trying to convert .cda to mp3. This program says it does it, but mp3 option does not appear on dropdown menu??

  • Mark Merrill

    Is there a way to change the bit rate of the video being encoded to .mp4 or .mp3?

    • ConverterLite

      You can select the quality of the MP3 (Bit Rate) When clicking “MP3″ in the list of “Format” options. You can also manually alter this by changing the value after “-ab” in the ffmpeg argument when clicking on the MP3 format settings.

  • Alison Wood

    This is truly a good program to use and soooo easy thanks to everyone

    • ConverterLite

       Thank you for your support Alison. We truly appreciate it.

  • cookie belle

    generally how fast does it convert a avi movie of about 750 MB into mov?

    • ConverterLite

      This largely depends on what quality output you select.

  • Shepherd76

    how do i put the mp3 files on to SD card

    • ConverterLite

      You will have to buy an SD card reader so your computer ca recognise your sd card as a drive and you can then simply drag and drop files into the drive.

  • Drummie

    I am converting mp4 to SWF to play in a website which will play no other format.  When it gets there, it plays video, but no audio,.

    • ConverterLite

       Thank you for noticing! We shall add it to our bug list and work on resolving it asap.

  • Robert Meeks

    I am having trouble ripping a DVD. There are 2 language choices on the DVD but when I click on the DVD button in the “add” tab it only gives me the Spanish version (I Think) to select, obviously I would prefer it in English.  

    I’m guessing there is some copy right protection on it? I wanted to make sure I’m not missing a setting or something which can correct this?

    • ConverterLite

       Unfortunately our dvd ripping only allows ripping of the default language. It appears as though your dvd’s default language is spanish.

  • JohnBoy

    I was able to quickly convert M4A files to MP3.  However, it would not convert one M4P file.  Advice?

    • ConverterLite

       Is the file protected or corrupt (Test in a media player)?
      Otherwise try reproducing the problem and sending us the log. Both instructions on how to send a log and our contact details are on our support page.

  • davehd1

    Input is 16×9  AVI. Converting to WMV. The end result comes out as 4×3 no matter which output size I select.

    • ConverterLite

       This problem shouldn’t happen due to the fact that ConverterLite maintains the same aspect ratio with conversion. Would you be able to send us a lof or sample file?

  • Derryn Pringle

    Is it possible to convert multiple files to different formats at the same time for instance say I wanted to change a .MKV to a .AVI but at the same time I wanted a different .MKV to converted to an iTunes file is that possible with this program?

    • ConverterLite

       That is not possible with this software. We can only convert to one format at one time.

  • guyoncoast

    I am trying to convert an aa audiobook to mp3 and keep getting an ‘unsupported number of input channels’ error…how do I fix this?

    • ConverterLite

      Before we proceed, could you tell us if your file is protected? Audiobooks are often protected so we cannot convert for legal reasons.

      • guyoncoast

         It’s an .AA Audible audiobook,I downloaded your program so I would be able to put it on my sony mp3 player and listen to it at work.

        • ConverterLite

          The problem here is that it is illegal to convert protected files because the people who produce the file don’t want you handing out free copies. However you just want to transfer your file to another platform which is not illegal. The problem is that we cannot convert protected files because people may abuse the feature. Your only solution is to find software that unprotects files and then convert them with ConverterLite.

  • ace0911

    where are these files going during conversion? they are not going into the destination folder and are filling up my c: drive.  i have chosen my destination folder to be in a completely different drive and that folder is empty.

  • ace0911

    this program is filling up my c: drive. i have chosen a different destination folder on a completely different drive an these files are still going somewhere in my c: drive. i cant find the folder to delete them. WHAT IS GONG ON!?

  • ace0911

    where are the output files? they are filling up my c: drive.

    • ConverterLite

       Converted files will be sent to the same folder as input file. Unless you choose otherwise via the format settings. When you convert the file you will see a green tick which will open containing folder. You can search for a file either by the search bar in “My computer” or “My documents” or you can use the start menu search bar depending on your operating system.

      • ace0911

        Thank you very much.

        Sent from my Motorola Smartphone on the Now Network from Sprint!

        —–Original message—–

  • Alfredo

    i ripped a dvd onto my laptop, where can i find the files on my laptop?

    • ConverterLite

      I;m not entirely sure why you would want the dvd files. Surely you need to convert the files so they are useable? When you rip the files you can convet to any destination you choose via the format settings. The standard destination for converted dvd files are in “My Movies”.

  • NTBill

    ConverterLite will not start as keeps asking for data.db file. I am becoming very frustrated.

    • ConverterLite

      This usually happens when you install as administrator but run it from another account. You will have to install it on your user account.

  • Joe Widgery

    I get a problem where it says ‘FFmpeg is unable to extract any valid video or auido from the input file animtaion.swf’. Why is this? My animation is 115 frames long.

    • Intbel

      Me also.  Ten-minute swf.  Youtube won’t accept it.   I’m a li’l disapointed thatconverterlite does not do what it claims.  I downloaded it for this one reason.
      Anyone have any ideas how to convert n .swf to a format Youtube will accept, please?

      • ConverterLite

         Is your SWF File also a Flash animation? See our response to Joe Widgery.

    • ConverterLite

       We can convert SWF Files however some SWF Files  are Flash animation which are not technically video files. ConverterLite converts video and audio files.

      • Joe Widgery

        Is there a way to make my Flash animation SWF file technically a video file?

        • ConverterLite

          Unfortunately no. Unless you had the development files contained within the SWF.

  • NewbieDVD

    Perfect!  Wanted an easy way to convert mp4 files to DVD, and this is it!

  • trudysunshine

    I’m attempting to convert an .flv file to .wmv – it’s approximately 145MB. The first three minutes convert and the it fails. Am I doing something wrong?

  • trudysunshine

    Hi! I’m attempting to convert an. flv file to a .wmv format. The conversion starts, then fails after a minute or so. three minutes of the file are converted. Am I doing something wrong?

    • ConverterLite

      Interesting problem. Is your FLV a flash animation? We cannot convert flash animations because they are not technically a video file. Otherwise send us a log. You can see how and where to send the log via our support page.

  • Tony Coll

    I have converted a DVD with six videos on it, but can’t find the finished files anywhere. My computer doesn’t have a ‘My Video’ folder. Where might they be?

    • ConverterLite

       You can choose the destination of converted videos by selecting an output and then selecting settings. On the settings you will see a checked box saying “Output file to same folder as input”. Uncheck that and you can select the destination yourself. Also, after converting a file you will see a green tick. Click the green tick and it opens the containing folder of your file. Your “My Videos” Folder should be in “My Documents”. If it isn’t then:
      go to “My Computer
      go to “Local disk (C:)
      Use the search bar and type the name of your file(s)

  • Raven

    I am converting MKV to AVI and the audio and video is great.  However, the embedded subs in the original file are not converting.  How can I fix this?

    • ConverterLite

      We do not support conversion of subtitles. Sorry.

  • gw999

    I need to convert a .mov shot on an iphone to a windows format that I can distribute. 1) the .mov plays fine on my PC but when loaded into Converter it is upside down, 2) none of the video formats produce valid video files, except wmv but it is also upside down.

    • ConverterLite

      Would you be able to send us your video file for us to reproduce the problem? Send your file to us via:
      Alternatively you can send a log which will show us what happens in the background during conversion. View our support page to see how to send a log.

  • Lee Glickstein

    I’m trying to convert MP4 to a WAV file. I cannot see how to do that.

    • ConverterLite

       We accept MP4 formats. Be sure to look in your library and in the right folder. We also do convert to WAV. Be sure to use the arrows next to “Format” to scroll through the list of formats.

  • Dave

    Am having problems converting mp4 to anything. Tried WMV, let run for 5 hours. Nothing. Same with FLV and AVI. Nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

    • ConverterLite

      Are you always using the same mp4 file? If so, can you play the file without
      issue? If not, it may be corrupted. If it plays fine, could you send us the file via:

  • 1neadle2

    My converter keeps giving me a message to insert a blank DVD in Drive E.  I double check the DVD and it is blank.  I’m trying to convert a wma file to a wav file (audio).  What am I doing wrong?

  • Moira Hardie

    converterlite is so easy for this first time user appart from after it has converted a film it fails to burn can someone help please

    • ConverterLite

      Are you using DL DVD’s? Single layer DVD’s can only hold 2 hours whereas Dual Layer can hold 3.5 hours. Are you exceeding these limits?

  • 1neadle2

    I’m having problems converting from wma to wav.  When I try to convert to my E Drive, I get a message to insert a blank DVD.  I’ve done that several times and the disk is blank.  What am I doing wrong here? Thanks.

    • ConverterLite

      Can we clarify what you are trying to do? The only way you will recieve the message “insert blank DVD” is if you selected DVD as an output. So are you selecting DVD as an output or WAV?

  • jaybowdler

    I picked up your program to convert 7 .aax files to MP3 so that I can burn to CD and listen to the audio book on my car.  ConverterLite creates an MP3 file that has a size of 0 kb and thus will not play.  There were no error messages.  Whats up???

    • ConverterLite

       can you check the properties to see if the file is protected?

      • jaybowdler

        It is a Audible Audio file extension .aa and appears to not be protected.

        • ConverterLite

          Unfortunately, by default, .aa files are protected. So it appears here that yours must be protected, otherwise it would onvertno problem. Theres no legal way of circumventing this problem you undersand.

      • jaybowdler

        My Bad! When I try to use the .aa file, ConverterLite give me this error msg when I add it to step #1: “FFmpeg is unable to extract any valid video or audio from the input file xxxx.aa .

        When I use the “Enhanced File Format” xxxxx.aax, this when I get the 0kb file size. The input does not advise that it is protected in the Windows Properties tab.

        Sorry for the confusion.

  • Steve McClellan

    I have some 3gp video files that were taken sideways (portrait instead of landscape). Is there a way to convert and rotate the video 90 degrees? 

    • ConverterLite

      Would you be able to use Windows Movie Maker to rotate the file via “Effects” and then convert the file?

  • Katy_Jones

    I have CDA files on my computer that I wish to convert to MP3s, is this possible? I can’t find the original CD that they came from..

    • ConverterLite

      We can only convert these files if they are ripped from a CD Via our Application unfortunately. You will need the CD.

  • DLBoyer53

    I converted songs to mp3 format and got the green check mark. Now how do I get them onto my MP3 player?

    • ConverterLite

      Step 1: Open “My Computer” and select your Mp3 player (normally Removeable disk E, F, G,
      or higher, depending on the configuration of your computer)

      Step 2: Open the folder containing all of your mp3′s in a separate window

      Step 3: Drag and drop the mp3′s into the mp3 player folder.

  • Roger Reese

    How long does it usually take to convert 1.80 GB wmv file to mp4?  Been running for about 12 hrs now and I’m at 10.7 mb.

    • ConverterLite

       That depends mostly on your hard drive, the length and quality of your input file and the output quality. It definately shouldn’t take that long. Even though a GB does take a while, but nowhere near that length of time. Try it again and send us the log so we can get an idea as to why its running so slowly. View our support page on how to send a log.

  • alispinkpuzz

    I’m trying to convert a video in AVI format to an MP4 video format.  The conversion happens with the picture, but I get no sound.  What do I need to do to get sound along with the picture?

  • alispinkpuzz

    I am trying to convert a video in AVI format to MP4 format.  The video converts as a video with no sounds.  What can I do to get the sound with the picture?

  • alispinkpuzz

    I am trying to convert a video in AVI format to MP4 format.  When it converts I only get the picture.  I don’t get any sound.  What do I need to do to get sounds with the picture?

    • ConverterLite

      This is one of two issues. either your original video does not have sound, or you don’t have the codecs to play the sound. I would suggest you play the original in VLC/MediaPlayerLite to make sure it has sound. If it plays, try the output file on one of those applications. If not, send us the
      file/log. View our support page on how to send a log.

  • debsmcd6

    have just converted a few short animations to put on my iphone. worked a treat, so easy to use.  Thanks.

  • clewey

    can I convert MOV files to play on galaxy y phone please?

    • ConverterLite

      Yes, just convert to MP4 or 3GP.

  • Unpredictable

    how do i covert a DVD to my computer so I may transfer it to my Nook tablet?

  • ddazw

    hi ive converted a film and am trying to get it on  itunes so i can watch it on my ipad ive tried dragging and dropping but nothing what am i doing wrong can anyone help

  • ddazw

    hi ive just converted film but now i cant get it on to itunes tried drag and drop what a i doing wrong can anyone help thanks

    • ConverterLite

      What format are you converting to? Is it an itunes accepted format?

  • MMurph7

    Good Day,

    I just converted a mov file to a wmv file.   When I open the WMV file, the video is upside down.  The mov file plays upside right on QT…  any suggestions?     Than you,  Mark 

  • Russell Greene

    trying to convert .MTS to .MOV and it says invalid arguments

  • ddazw

    Hi thanks for getting back I converted it to mp4 which I’m lead to believe iTunes supports , Any suggestions thanks Darren

    • ConverterLite

      Not entirely sure why this is happening. Maybe try the different apple device formats. Our MP4 conversions are designed to be compatible with iTunes. Are you sure your file is not protected? Where did the film come from? Does iTunes throw up any errors when you try to import the file? Have you tried importing the file?

  • Griff500master


    I am trying to convert an audio file with a .AA extension and get this message. ‘FFmpeg is unable to extract any valid video or audio stream from the input file’.

    Can you help please.

    • ConverterLite

       Are you sure your file is not protected or corrupt? Try sending us a log or the file here:
      If you don’t know how to send a log, visit our support page.

  • Madeleine Zahner

    Hi I just converted an MKV file to an AVI but in the MKV file there were subtitles and there aren’t any in the AVI file.  How can I get subtitles in the AVI file??

    Thanks for your help :)

    • ConverterLite

      At the moment, ConverterLite does not support the transfer of subtitles as they are not included with the actual video file. We will hopefully introduce it with future versions.

  • disk55

    I was trying to convert wma to mp3 but I only hear ‘clicks’.

  • disk55

    I hear ‘clicks’ only after I convert wma’s to mp3 from my documents page, do I have to change from another link?

    • ConverterLite

      We don’t understand your problem. Could you explain further?

  • MusicLover70

    I just installed v1.5.0 and tried to convert MP3s to CD audio.  I followed the simple instructions above, but keep getting error dialog box that says CD that is being burned (advd+rw) is not empty.  Does this mean that I must use a rewritable CD and not DVD?

    • ConverterLite

      We have yet to test this process. We have found blank cd’s would work best in this instance but will test your problem to find a solution.

      • MusicLover70

        I was not aware that ConverterLite’s current v1.5.0 had not been tested for burning audio CDs in this fashion.  I will wait for your solution.

        • ConverterLite

          you cannot use a DVD for CD Burning Functionality. You will have to use a blank CD. Unless you want to play your MP3 files in DVD players. Then choose DVD burning as a format and burn MP3 files onto your DVD.

  • Russell Greene

    I installed Converterlite and tried to convert .MTS to .Mov i click convert and it says invalid arguments.

    • ConverterLite

      We believe if you were to choose .MOV as the ouput, choose a quaslity, go to settings, go to the end of the ffmpeg argument, add a space and add the following, “-ac 2″, it should convert fine.

      • Russell Greene

        Still says invalid aguement

  • ddazw

    Hi it was nothing to do with converter ive tried it on another computer and alls good it was my computer sorted it now thank you for your help